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New Installations, Replacement & Repairs

If you’re looking for a fuse board repaired, upgraded or fuse box replacement in Leeds contact Electrical Development.

Fuse boards are an important part of any building, ensuring you are protected against any electrical problems which may occur. Repairing or replacing a fuse box / fuse board can be complicated work and if undertaken by a non-professional, can very dangerous and lead to serious injury.

We can carry out repairs to existing fuse boards and if an upgrade is needed, we only install the highest quality fuse boards that will also help with energy efficiency.

We are a registered member of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), NCEIC accredited domestic installers as well as NCEIC accredited approved contractors, so we can offer the best fuse box repairs Leeds has to offer.

Fuse Board Replacements

Many homes still have old-style fuse boxes installed with their outdated fuses, offering little or no protection against electrocution.  Renewing your old fuse board has a number of benefits, including improved safety and electrical efficiency.

Before replacement takes place, our electricians inspect and carry out any required maintenance on your existing fuse board.

We can also fit or repair RCDs and circuit breakers, fit fuses and offer a complete re-wiring service for all types of fuse boards.

All fuse boards we replace are in line with 17th edition regulations.

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