Domestic Rewires

House Electrical Rewiring

A rewire replaces some or all of the electrical wiring of a house but it’s rarely just a rewire often in addition we replace  or add other electrical items, such as sockets and light switches or an old fuseboard.

There are many different opinions about how often you should rewire a house:

  • After about 25 years.
  • When a specific problem requires the householder to replace the wiring.
  • Only when you have specific types of wiring that are old and outdated.
  • When problems keep happening such as constantly blowing fuses.
  • When an electrical test and inspection says that a rewire is needed.

House electrics should be treated like you car. Maintenance and servicing is essential to prevent failures and more costly repairs. Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires or damage your appliances so don’t wait until a problem occurs before getting your hose wiring checked and updated.

How Much Does A House Rewire Cost?

A house rewire on average costs around £2500. For example rewiring a 5 bedroom house costs about £4000. The rewire takes about one week.

Householders also need to take account of the cost of ’extras’, for instance, of new light switches, new sockets and new light fixtures. Some electricians may include the cost of ‘extras’ in the estimate, some may not

Who Should Do A Rewire?

A house rewire should only be done by a competent, professional electrician who has experience of rewires. The electrician should be a member of a professional body, for instance NICEIC, and be ‘Part P’ qualified.

The following people should NOT do a rewire:

  • A DIY enthusiast – a rewire is a big job, there are many pitfalls for the inexperienced
  • An electrician who is not qualified to ‘test and inspect’ the rewire after the job.
  • An electrician who is not a member of a recognised professional body, for instance NICEIC.
  • A suitably qualified electrician with no experience of rewires.

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